Essential Ableton Mix Tools

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These Racks Make Mixing Easy.

These Ableton Racks give you the mix tools you need for all the common sounds we use in electronic music, so you can dial in tight, solid mixes with confidence.

We know that Presets never work perfectly as a "magic solution".

And we know that the mixdown process can be stressful for a lot of people.

Or even worse... it can feel boring!

So we created these Racks with the word "playtime" in mind.

Here's the fun part: these Racks do the hard part of mixing, like deciding which plugins to drop and what settings to start with.

These give you a starting place for all your sounds, so you can enjoy the process of dialing them in.

That means you can have FUN making mixes -- instead of getting lost in a million plugin parameters.

Lots Of Options

With a total of 65 presets for beats, bass, kicks, vocals, synths and more, you'll find a channel strip to get every track in your Project to behave itself.

Easy To Use

Every sound needs a little tickle to sit properly in the mix. These Racks give you the Devices and Settings lined up in the right order, so you don't have to wonder what you're supposed to do next. 

Drop the presets on your tracks and simply adjust the macros to dial in the sound you want and get the vibe you're feeling.

Make Great Mixes Fast

These Racks are intended for everyday use in all your Projects. They're flexible enough to give you the sound you want, but streamlined to make the mix process easy.

Get them now and hear your mixes snap into focus.

Essential Ableton Mix Tools is a collaboration between Mixitecture and Sonic Bloom.

Thanks for joining us in our electronic music obsession!

Requires Ableton Live Standard 11.3 or newer

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You'll get one self-installing Live Pack (250kb .alp) containing 17 Racks and 65 preset variations. Requires Ableton Live Standard Edition, Version 11.3 or newer

Vocal Channel Strip (8)
Beats Rack (6)
HiHats and Cymbals Rack (6)
Snare Channel Strip (7)
Eight Easy EQ's Rack (10)
Universal Channel Strip (1)
Kick Drum Rack (5)
Lush Pads Preset (1)
Plucks Preset (1)
Sub Bass Preset (1)
Fuzz Bass Filters (6)
Synth Arp Beeps Preset (1)
Synth Bass Preset (1)
Top Loops Preset (1)
Background Vocals Preset (1)
Spoken Vocals Preset (1)
Instrument Group Polisher Rack (6)
PDF User Guide
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Essential Ableton Mix Tools

2 ratings
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